La Pescheria ristorante sul Lago Maggiore
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Welcome in Ristorante La Pescheria

entrata In the suggestive scenery of Lake Maggiore, one can admire the most characteristic island of the Borromeo Gulf; Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen's Island).
It is an attractive village, inhabited mainly by fishermen who still today practice the profession of their fathers and who gave name to this strip of land that interrupts the water of the lake.
In this context Restaurant La Pescheria is born, the name of which originates from its activity of the early thirties.

This was in fact the only fish shop of the islands: the fish that was prepared here was sold in the whole province and beyond; the fruits of an activity of an inhabited core that counted in those days around two hundred persons and whose primary activity was fishing.

Today, the island counts around sixty inhabitants, but the life spirit and many other traditions have not changed through the years, for the joy of who lives here and who visits the island and shares these emotions.
The daily fished fish, white fish, allis shad, lake trout and perch, are all part of the specialties that can be sampled at La Pescheria.